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Welcome to the beginning…

Tradition and innovation

...of a rich narrative ecosystem rooted in authentic heritage, representative history, and creative technology. A storyverse steeped in cultural practice, emotional experience, and, well, darn good stories. The Rougarverse combines Indigenous Knowledge and 19th century history to create a unique, multi-platform expression of Métis lore and legacy. With footprints in Indigenous horror, AR survival gameplay, outlandish animated adventures, and meta-narrative podcasting, the Rougaverse offers multiple points of entry into a narrative world seamlessly integrated across digital media, extended reality content, and streaming audio.


Dark Western limited series streaming on APTN lumi May 9.


Animated adventure series. In Development.


Augmented reality survival horror.

Core Values

We work closely with knowledge keepers and elders to bring original, truthful and inspiring stories to new audiences, and get viewers of all ages engaged with our material. We respectfully propagate Indigenous cultural protocol and heritage, traditional Métis knowledge and cultural expressions, and strive to accurately represent and further the knowledge and manifestations of this. 

  • Authentic Indigenous storytelling
  • Critical historical lens
  • Socially-relevant immersion
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